Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates & Stuff

Alright, as you may or may not've heard, I was making a distro. Still am, and I have a feeling that this may take a long time (~5 months). Anyhow, after that I still have to do an installer. I decided that I can't just leave it like other distro's (cdlinux anyone?). So, that being said, I'll prolly use the ReactOS or Arch Linux installer. As well, I guess I'll need an autoconfig script too, so, if anyone happens to know how to and is willing, email me! And the spec's changed too.

72 Mb Ram (8mb onboard video)
4 GB HDD (Again prolly way less, ~400Mb hoping)

And that should do it.


I am using Linux From Scratch, so I will build using the lates GCC and G++ and then after that after X.Y.0 release I will do an update, but it should for the most part be a rolling distro.

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