Monday, October 6, 2008

LFS - Custom Distro

Ever get tired of Linux distro's that just don't do what you want them to (Probably not). Well sometimes I do, so it has motivated me to make a custom distro. So, I guess I may as well show what I'm gonna do, hey?

Well, first off, it's just at the concept right now. I've downloaded VirtualBox, so now I can make the distro without having to logout. Here are the basics for it:

It's going to be a very light distro. Now here's what seperates it from Puppy Linux or DSL. It doesn't have a goal. It's going to be a rolling distro (Core stays the same, everything else upgrades). It's not designed to be under a certain size or run on whatever, just it needs to be light, fast, and do everyday desktop things, such as email, msn, ipod, music, pictures, etc. So, that will be included.

As far as computer specs, since it's being designed in a Fake Computer with the specs of:

128 Mb Ram
8Gb Hard Drive
8Mb onboard video

You should have no problem with those specs, and possibly only ~1.5Gb of hard drive space.

Well, that may take a bit more. The system will be ISO'd, and then you'll have to extract it to the drive via a different Linux distro (doesn't matter which), then edit your partition records manually in order to get it to work. But other than that, it should be pretty easy.

Anyhow, look forward to it :-)

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